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Hi everyone! My name is Camilla Clark and I have been told I am the whole package, I am down to earth, fun, love to laugh, enjoy intelligent conversation, huge animal lover, very into fitness and love to cook. I love to dress up, go shopping and enjoy a fancy restaurant. I also love the outdoors and anything that gets my adrenaline going as I love skydiving, zip lining, paragliding, etc. I love to travel and have been to many places both in the US and abroad. Basically anything that sounds like a fun experience that creates memories with amazing people and I am in. I am looking forward to what the future holds and experiencing all life has to offer.


Camilla Clark

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Her take on things

“What I’ve been told from my fans is they like that I keep things somewhat classy, especially when other girls may be trying to keep it as raunchy as possible because that’s the only way to get up in the world,” she adds. “I give it my all, and my scenes are great and hot, but I also keep a somewhat nice vibe. I’m not out there to be nasty and raunchy — that’s not me. I will have a good time and you will definitely get off, but I will take my own approach. I’m very artistic, so I want things to be visually pleasing and sometimes some fans like the nasty. So that’s cool, search for someone else on the internet. There’s literally a billion people out there doing tha

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Thoughts on time Toghether

Meeting me is an experience to be treasured. Our days pass by so quickly now its nice to take a step back and enjoy the moments we have. Lets savior our time and see where it takes us on our journey in this life.

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Additional thoughts

Sometimes it takes a small leap of faith to make things happen. And sometimes things just fall into place. Your here so perhaps you have found what you have been dreaming about. Lets make the little effort it takes to set up something that could last. I can't wait until we meet. xoxo

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